I have written music for a number of videos, films, and production libraries. Here are some examples of my composing work.

Production & Jingle Music
Pantene Shine - pop vocal production

The Wanks - indie rock

A Fistful of Gravel - electro-spaghetti western

The Secret Clock - ambient prepared piano soundscape

sounddevisor - the Xtronica Project (more at www.sounddevisor.com)
a collection of Mid-East and Far East flavored tracks
Shanghai to Chiang Mai

Spice Caravan

Anger and Sorrow

Rewarding Lives Award Video

American Express Archive Pitch

To Angel Falls - independently produced travel documentary: "Still Water" cue

the Dan Stein Group - my groove/jazz project. We're on MySpace, too.
The Gold Spot

Floating World III - Redemption